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Poetry by Will Thomas

Poetry by Will Thomas

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Welcome to my poetry page.

Soul Candy

Soul Candy was my first collection of poems back in 2016.

Encouraged to write by, and published through his poetry imprint, my dear friend, the late, Jay Ramsay provided much guidance and support.

Soul Candy is both light and deep. With poems which cover a wide range of subjects from pets and travel, to domestic abuse, new love, divorce and the climate crisis. Charting also a gay man's life growing up in the state sponsored homophobia of the 1970's and 80's in England.

Readers find the poetry both gentle and affirming as well as shocking and hard hitting.

When the Bough Breaks

My second poetry book is a long poem about the path of recovering from loss.  Beautifully illustrated by Betty Rose, with words by myself, the book both charms, affirms and heals. The poems protagonist Blu is utterly charming. Written in response to the painful break up of a civil partnership, this book is a soulful companion to anyone grieving the loss of the one they love.

*You can buy Soul Candy through the link above at £11.99 and When the Bough Breaks here

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