Struggling with difficult thoughts and feelings? Want to thrive?

Do you ever feel like life is passing you by, whilst others experience joy and excitement?

I help people struggling with difficult thoughts and feelings. People who
have to put on a mask to get through the day. I support people like you, who want to grow into their full potential and feel fully alive.

Coming from a place of understanding exactly what it is like to be overwhelmed. I also had to put on a mask. To hide emotions and brave the day.

I know just how difficult and draining that is. Let me help you change that for you too.

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  • One size just doesnt fit all

    One of the things I discovered during my own struggles, was that one size just doesnt fit all. It's why, over the past 25 years I have qualified in a vast range of different approaches for helping people change and heal.

    Because of this, when we work together, we'll explore the best ways of you getting the outcomes you want. We will not be fixed into one way of working which can sometimes be the case in coaching and therapy. We'll work in ways that flows with what soothes and energises you.

    Email me now for a free 15 mins chat - visit our contact page

  • Kindness, compassion and respect

    Coming from kindness, compassion and respect, we will work on exactly what you want. Without judgment, helping you gain greater feelings of fulfilment, happiness and confidence.

  • Give yourself permission to dream for a moment

    Imagine feeling a confidence so strong and clear that it makes you smile.

    Imagine hearing and seeing the trust, with someone you can feel safe
    with. Someone who has your best interests at heart. No agendas, no
    directing, just helping you get what you need.

    Imagine feeling freer and more alive, through working in a trusting relationship that's totally
    about you succeeding.

    Imagine putting all that old overwhelm and stress behind you.

    Imagine walking tall and bright into your future, knowing you can
    achieve what you set your head and heart on.

    If this sounds good to you and you'd like to know more:

    Email from our CONTACT PAGE today to book a free 15 minute chat to find out more.

  • Coaching & Therapy

    Offering support that integrates a whole range of different types of coaching and therapy, because we are all unique.

  • Executive Coaching

    Fine-tuning your professional practice, developing your career takes focus. Every successful senior leader these days has a coach who can tailor that fine-tune exactly to you.

  • Courses

    From personal growth, retreats, and learning new ways to manage your mind and emotions, to professional therapy qualifications, we have what you need right here.

  • Perfectly Wonky Life

    If you’ve grown up being told your life should be a certain way, and it hasn’t worked out that way, Perfectly Wonky Life is for you. It’s more than a course, it’s a movement for celebrating living life YOUR WAY, not someone else’s… join us.

  • Books

    Books authored by Will Thomas and heaps of other great recommendations for personal and professional growth, healing and recovery.

  • Testimonials

    Don’t take our word for it, here’s what others say about Coaching, Therapy, and our Online courses and in-person retreats.


Upcoming Events & Courses

Bespoke one-to-one support and groundbreaking online learning give you a vast range of ways to put a spring in your step and light up your mind with possibilities.

When you’re lighter everyone around you is too. 

  • Available Now

    Trauma-informed Coaching is a ground-breaking, evidenced-based programme that helps coaches and mentors recognise trauma in clients, and offers practical ways to support this

  • If you’ve had some basic training in coaching and mentoring and enjoyed it, we know you’ll absolutely LOVE this advanced practice course in coaching which will take your skills and knowledge to whole new level


Memberships & Associations

Will is constantly updating and developing his skills and knowledge. He belongs to a number of major awarding and governing bodies in the approaches he uses and is a Fellow of The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning who also accredit his professional skills courses.

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