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When the Bough Breaks

When the Bough Breaks

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Loss takes many forms. When we are broken open by grief, however expected or sudden, we begin a journey that leaves us raw and vulnerable. This book is unapologetically visceral, challenging, and in equal measure loving, inspiring and hopeful.

Whether we have lost someone or something, a relationship, a friend, a soulmate, or our freedom. The grief that comes from the separation can be bloody and crushing. We are for a time, a husk of ourselves.

This book is also about loss in a metaphorical sense. Loss of our youth, our innocence, our hopes and dreams and world events that can leave us feeling raw.

But there is light. There is renewal. There is a new beginning. Pain is often our greatest fear and our most potent teacher. Acceptance is our greatest healer. We can learn to live and to love again.“

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