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The Perfecty Wonky Life - Gratitude Journal

The Perfecty Wonky Life - Gratitude Journal

Embrace Imperfection, Find Gratitude

 - Our brand new Gratitude Journal is here! -

Find your flow with a daily practice of gratitude journalling with this Perfectly Wonky Life Gratitude Journal. A full 28 days of gratitude journalling for you.

Numerous studies have shown the benefits for happiness of individuals  using regular gratitude practices. One study (reported in the Journal 'Einstein'), an overview (Meta Analysis) looked at 64 randomized clinicial trials of people using gratitude practice to improve feelings of gratitude and happiness. It found evidence that regular gratitiude work, improved measures of happiness, mental health and reduced anxiety and depression. Results showed benefits in all these areas and additionally in measres of positive mood and emotions.

Another study, (Amin, 2014) found 28 benefits of regular gratitude work. 

At Perfectly Wonky Life, we've developed this semi-structured journal - it's a hard copy journal delivered to your door, to help you get these benefits through consistent gratitude practice.

Features of the Journal

Each week for 4 weeks the journal offers a different affirmation and each day  their are repeated exercises and new ones - reflective questions to focus you into gratitude, kindness and peace.

  • Daily and weekly reflective questions
  • Plenty of space to record your thoughts and feelings 
  • Weekly affirmations that vary through the month 
  • Daily prompts to consider different aspects of your life and experience
  • Weekly nudges to review your week
  • A bonus guided meditation written and read by Will Thomas

Whether you life is wonky or not, you'll love the impact that focussing on gratitude will bring you.

Just imagine building that habit of daily positive reflection -  imagine what that will do for your well being and outlook.

Really busy? The journal flexes with can choose the short daily prompts or the longer journalling can come back to the longer prompts is designed to work around your schedule and your lifestyle.

This is so much more than a's a coach, a meditation guide, and a companion offering you solace and reflection.

Get you copy today!

For shipping outside the UK please email us for a quote.

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