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Managing Thoughts and Feelings with EFT Tapping - GHR

Managing Thoughts and Feelings with EFT Tapping - GHR

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A Revolution in Self Management.

Reduce Anxiety and Tame Overthinking. 

Why be interested?

Bring your mind and body to a stiller more peaceful place. This ground-breaking course teaches you the evidence-based approach of EFT Tapping in about 2 hours. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques are a set of simple, effective ways to manage emotions, reduce pain, dial-down cravings, and improve performance. With over 150+ quality research papers, showing it's effectiveness, and featured in the media, EFT Tapping is the newest and one of the most effective ways to help you to change unhealthy patterns of thought and feelings. This approach can be used within the context of hypnosis sessions, stand alone and also taught to clients for self help.

The way that it invites a clear and specific focus brings a trance-like quality to the use of it.

How does it work?

The rhythmic tapping of specific acupressure points, in a prescribed sequence, accompanied by a feedback mechanism and some specific language, add up to a remarkable system for changing your nervous system's activity. I thought it was pie-in-the-sky until I tried it and got great results. I now teach it to all of my private clients and use it in schools with young people too.  It is an essential part of anyone's self regulation toolkit. It also works brilliantly within the context of hypnosis and relaxation.

fMRI Scanning and other tests, have shown that EFT Tapping quiets the brain's emergency centre (the amygdala). It also balances the vagal nerve system that moves us between fear/fight/flight mode and relaxed-alert mode.  It has been shown to have long term positive effects on our nervous system, mood and habits.

There are a number of easy-to-learn approaches, including a standard method, and then protocols for choosing mood, and ways to use EFT in a way that noone around you would know you were using it. Plus sleep-improvement methods using EFT.

How is the course structured?

This course is delivered online, as a self-study package, at a time and pace to suit you. It is a mix of video, animated explainers, and audios plus reflective and practical exercises. There are help sheets and reminders too. The course is around 2 hours, split into bitesize 20-30 mins lessons.

Learn about it, see it, practice it, use it. All materials are downloadable.

Learn a range of EFT Tapping techniques to aid sleep, choose your mood, dial down unhelpful thoughts and feelings online, when it suits you.

What if you choose to do the course?

Imagine having a preventive and responsive set of techniques that you can use to:

-start your day with a positive mood

-dial-down anxiety and other unhelpful emotions

-make changes to habits and reactions

-have tools to self-regulate your emotions and thoughts you can use anywhere

Imagine feeling better, feeling more in control, thinking clearly.

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