Anxiety is normal

Anxiety is normal

A controversial opener I know. But whenever I work with clients on their anxiety, the first thing I say to them is that anxiety is normal.  We are all hard-wired for it.  It's an evolutionary plug-in that is designed to keep us safe and to anticipate threats and avoid being eaten.

We are still looking out for sabre-toothed tigers

And therein lies the issue. Most of us are not dealing with being eaten, in our modern lives.  However we are dealing with a brain-body system which is still scanning the horizon and the future for threats to our existence. It still needs an activity to put it's hard-evolved energies into.

As it does this, it can become a monster. This monster starts to reduce our levels of confidence. Our world begins to shrink.  We get scared to try new things. Old pastimes that used to fill us with joy, become sources of stress. But that doesn't have to be how it is.

I get it, I've been there

I know, I've been there too. But thanks to an insatiable desire to rid myself of inapprpropriate anxiety and panic attacks, things have changed. What's followed is an obsessive passion for helping others do the same. I've been working with clients, successfully dealing with their anxiety for over 25 years now.

Up until now, there's been no system

Drawing on the vast range of approaches and therapies that I have been trained in, over the past 20 years, I've distilled the best tools and approaches out there. I've brought this together in one solid easy-to-learn system.  I call this set of approaches 'Comprehensive Anxiety Liberation Method' or CALM.

CALM combines the best aspects of a range of approaches to psychological change including:

  • neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • dialectic behavioural therapy (DBT)
  • emotional freedom techniques (EFT)
  • mindfulness
  • acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • mindfulness-based repatterning
  • timeline therapy
  • hypnotherapy

This system uses the most potent parts of each of these approaches.  It does it in very specific and organised ways. It ensures that anxiety problems are managed in a systematic manner.  It teaches you how to regain control, and how to bring back joy and happiness into your life.

Anxiety which has become problematic can have multiple aggravating factors:

  • past trauma experiences which are unresolved
  • on-going anxiety triggers
  • external stressors at work or home
  • polyvagal dysregulation (this can be part of past trauma where the nerves that regulate relaxation and vigilance are not working in balance)
  • you have internal conflicts running within your psyche
  • secondary gain (where there are strangely benefits for hanging on to patterns of high anxiety)
  • what causes inappropriate anxiety has become very unconscious and you're not aware of triggers that cause it

Our work together systematically clears these aggravating factors. It restores anxiety to it's rightful level and it's rightful place in prehistoric time.

You'll learn a range of tools to:

  • clear past trauma and reset your nervous system
  • disconnect the triggers for innapropriate anxiety
  • understand and resolve any internal conflicts you have in your psychology
  • nip anxiety in the bud before it escalates, by understanding some of the 'tells' your body offers you, even before you're consciously aware of anxiety or panic
  • manage anxiety proactively and also responsively so that your day is focussed on calmness, joy and happiness

Let's work together...let's do this

If you'd like to learn a truly systemic approach to managing anxiety from a therapist who knows his onions from both clinical and personal perspectives then drop me a message and let's have a free conversation to explore how your inappropriate anxiety could be a thing of the past.

Imagine having ways to proactively reduce the negative effects of anxiety. Imagine stepping into new and old activities feeling confident and excited.  That awaits you. Let's talk.

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