“Seriously Useful, Seriously Funny” 
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How do you stay sane and productive whilst home working?
What have Hamsters, Doughnuts and Marmite got to do with ramping up your efforts at Home Working?
Whether you’re at home alone watching the tumble weeds roll,  working partially at home and partially frontline, or you’re trying to juggle work and run Table-Top Forest School at 11am, and Cross Curricular Latin for your 5 and 7 year old at 2pm, you’ll find some great tips and tools for home-working in this resource.
For leaders, co-workers,parents and single people across the land.
Proven Tips, Concretely Researched
Written by a Will Thomas, dyed-in-the-wool,  18 year veteran of home-working, and also the award-winning author of The Managing Workload Pocketbook, Professional Coach, Trainer and Therapist. Bringing you a mirthful and heartening set of tips and tools for making home-working really work.
Kick procrastination into touch and get serious about how to get all your needs met even though you’re at home.
“The antidote to these serious times – giggle-making and really useful”