Sleep: The Elixir of Life

By Will Thomas

Are you and your children getting enough sleep? Modern life often makes this difficult. A raft of recent research suggests that getting 7-9 hours sleep per night as an adult, and 10 hours for a young person is essential for health, happiness and performance.


Teenagers, with the demands of growth and school, often needs additional rest.  It’s been suggested that the brain has a finite number of quality decisions it can make before it needs sleep.   The ideal length of a daytime nap is no more than 27 minutes.


The National Sleep Foundation suggests that many young people get insufficient sleep.  This can affect their school performance, and their mental and physical health.  Getting young people into good sleep habits is essential for their long term well being. Anxieties, social media pressures, and the disruptive blue light of screens are all culprits in sleep reduction. Insufficient sleep is now a major factor cited in mental health problems and reduced concentration spans.


5 top tips for healthy sleep habits


  1. Make sleep a priority, and work out when bedtime and waking needs to happen for the full 10 hours
  2. Avoid: screens for 1.5 to 2 hours before sleep time and avoid exercise or food in this slot too
  3. Avoid: chocolate, caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and cola for at least 4 hours before bedtime
  4. Establish a sleep routine before bedtime with quieter activities, eg reading, quiet conversations, tooth-cleaning, organising the next day, journaling your worries, and showering
  5. Show them how: model good sleep behaviours yourself and kill the Wi-Fi well before you all go to bed


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