Thank you for attending – SSF Trauma Informed Practice Webinar with Will Thomas

It was a pleasure to be able to share my passion for coaching, trauma-informed practice and some of the latest developments in trauma-working with you this afternoon online. Thank you for attending.  Please find below the resource I referred to in the presentation and how to find out more about the self study and supported study online course.  There’s discount available on this link for 24 hours for SSF supporters.

Panci Attack Management

This protocol is a great way to help manage down panic and anxiety.  This and many other tools and techniques are available in the Trauma-informed Coaching Course online. If you’d like a copy of this resource  or  reading recommendations for free email me now. For more information about the online course click here.

What people say about Will’s Coaching, Therapy and Training

“Brilliant facilitator! Very approachable and personable!…Practical Ideas” JOEL BAILEY, BIRMINGHAM

“Will is without doubt one of the top trainers in the UK and indeed the world. His training consistently received outstanding evaluations and more than often all delegates rated the training as being outstanding. Not only that, but in retrospective research with programme participants, Will’s training was frequently identified as having had sustained and long-term impact” DR RICHARD CHURCHES, GOVERNMENT ADVISOR, KEYNOTE SPEAKER

“This course has reiterated that psychology of change and how people are motivated is complex and how we have to treat each person differently and carefully…The skills I have learned  have helped me grow not only as a coach but as a person. I have been able to effectively implement many of the strategies in my current role” SA, KINGDOM OF BRUNEI

“Motivational, throughout provoking programme” RD, BIRMINGHAM

“I can not recommend Will highly enough. PS I don’t normally recommend and I certainly don’t normally share information like this” SIR CHRISTOPHER STONE, GLOBAL CHIEF EDUCATION OFFICER, GEMS, DUBAI

100% Lightbulb moments. refreshing, motivation into action! NR, HERTFORDSHIRE

Click here for more information and to book your discounted place on the SSF. The discount is open until Midnight on 10th Sept 2020.