Introducing the approaches we can use

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Life Coaching

Ideal for creating clear thinking and moving through a step-by-step approach to resolving a problem or improving your performance.

Emotional Freedom Technique ('Tapping')

Fast and effective way to  get rid of  unwanted negative emotions, anxiety, flashbacks and negative triggers. Learn how to self-administer in any situation  the discrete, EFT-Anywhere® Technique.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP is a collection of highly effective tools for changing outdated beliefs and improving performance and confidence.

Timeline Therapy

Timeline Therapy is often used in conjunction with EFT to support recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is a safe and confortable way to reduce negative emotions and change your perception of difficult events.


Mindfulness is a non-religious approach to living more in the present moment, rather than in the past or future.  When we spend to much time dwelling on past events it can trigger depressive thoughts.  When we spend too much time worrying about the future it can create anxiety. Mindfulness retrains the mind to be calm, peaceful and “in the now”.


This is really at the heart of how I work with clients. Bringing together what you want and need from the various processes outlined here into an integrated whole.  Blending exactly what you need.  So you get a really bespoke service and the outcomes you seek.

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