Summer disappointment

Summer disappointment

I don’t know about you, but if you have been in the UK this summer, you might have had a few struggles with the weather.

I’d looked forward to the promise of blue skies and strong sunshine.

Somehow in the halcyon days of my youth I recall long hot summers with endless beautiful days.

The reality was probably very different.  We’ve a tendency to cherry pick “peak-moment” memories, which is kind of a blessing in itself.

Being more “present” these days than I have been in my past, I tend to really take the time to notice, feel and enjoy the weather whatever it offers. Even embracing the wet days, knowing the garden vegetables will be enhanced by the rain.

A few months back,  I was working with a client who had particularly unresourceful associations with the weather.

I’ve a regualr meditation practice, which takes many forms. One of the meditations I do is to focus a feeling of loving kindness on my clients, friends and family, as well as others.

In morning meditation I took the weather as my focus on behalf of my client and was interested to find what emerged after the meditation.

“Let got expectation” was the message that came through.

Letting go the expectation one has of the weather being wonderful, allows you to accept more readily how the weather is.

It led me to a series of meditations where the idea of “what cannot be controlled” seemed to emerge.

Over a series of lovely practices, which were really very blissful, I was left with a  series of phrases which resonated for me and also for my client when I shared them:

  • “There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing”
  • “Yield to the condition of that which cannot be changed”
  • “You can’t change the weather but you can change: your plan, your attitude, your shoes”
  • “The weather in your head, is your choice”

Then one day in June, I saw a post on Facebook that reminded me of an old old adage and it made me smile:

It was an image of a statue of The Buddha. With the words next to the image: