Trauma-informed Coaching Course

Trauma-informed Coaching Course

Want to reduce your anxiety? Want to help others reduce their anxiety?

Ever wondered about trauma – emotional trauma and how it might be affecting you or those you support? Trauma is the term used to describe overwhelming experiences that rest the brain at a heightened state ofg alertness. These can be because life experiences are too much, for too long, happen too quickly or for which you don’t have the inner resources to cope with them. Once your amygdala (the bit of the brain that becomes hyper-vigilant) is set in this way it means that events and experiences that a themed with the original trigger eg being overhwhelmed during exams, will trigger an anxiety response.

This can keep happening. And the result can be a boom and bust kind of anxiety followed by a physical and emotoinal crash. It’s an exhausting state to manage.

Over time we compensate and perhaps feel less of the raw anxiety, but instead develop coping behaviours. These coping behaviours can bring their own difficulties. We may resort to rescuing others, or being critical and blaming, or avoiding things such as not dealing with debt, or becoming hooked on gaming or substances to support ourselves.

In recent years there have been great advances in working with trauma and in gently and progressively improving the down-switching of the part of the brain that became traumatised. Emotional Freedom Technique, Trauma Informed Coaching and Satir Transformational Therapy are some of the approaches used.

The course is aimed at you, teachers, pastoral workers, leaders and coaches and counsellors. Run by Will Thomas, award-winning author, professional coach, and registered hypnotherapist.

Interesting? Recognise some of this in yourself or those you support? You may then be interested in a new programme I am running called Trauma-informed Coaching. It’s designed to help you learn more of the WHY we become traumatised – what happens in the mind and the body. And then HOW to resolve it. Drawing on three cutting edge approaches to reducing and healing trauma, this 9 hour programme is flexible, multi-media and very helpful. want to find out more? Click here