Self Study

SELF STUDY gives you Will’s proven 12 step process for writing and getting your book published.

This comprehensive self study module provides everything you need to structure and write your book.

Comprising: 12 Step Guide,  workbook, audio material and DVD’s describing and demonstrating

the techniques and processes to go from IDEA to PUBLISHED WORK easily and effortlessly.

This approach allows you to tailor the time and the chunks of work you do on your book

AND still enables you to go from idea to published work in as little as 12 weeks.

Will knows this process works because he has used it himself 14 times to structure, write and  get published with 3 publishing houses and two co-operative publishing deals.

Along the way he has picked up two publishing awards and two Publisher Best Seller accolades.

So when would today be a great day to start writing your book in the certain knowledge that it will be published, by choosing a proven method of PLANNING, WRITING and GETTING YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED and PROMOTED?

Call us NOW for further details: 01684 578754

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Group Online

GROUP ONLINE is an interactive and highly informative approach to learning how to take your book from IDEA to published work in 12 weeks.

The six sessions held as webinars online take you  through the 12 steps to publication supported by Will Thomas, a guy with a proven track record in writing successful books in non-fiction genres.

Learn how to structure your book using the highly effective and stimulating GFS process that allows you to effortlessly pbring all your knowledge and experience together in a way that your readers will understand, and which allows you to write with clarity and flow. It also makes working with co-authors seamless and conflict-free.


Everything you receive in the Self Study Set (12 Step Guide, Workbook, Audio and DVD support materials)


Six  webinars

Online live question and answer sessions with Will Thomas

Bonus support material

Weekly support emails with tips and nudges to help you stay on track with your writing and publication goals

So why not make that call NOW and get started on getting your own book on the shelf in as

little as 12 weeks?

To find out more and book onto the next round of  Group Online call:  01684 578754 NOW!

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One to One

ONE-TO-ONE gives you exclusive access to Will Thomas for direct coaching and mentoring on writing your book and getting it published.

You’ll receive everything you get in the Self Study module and in addition:

A full day with Will Thomas bringing your book from idea to a fully structured plan, including :

Refined mission

Clear Structure

Clear Voice for your chosen audience

Swatch of ideas for the look and feel of the cover

Essential Pre-writing marketing actions


6 one to one telephone coaching sessions to support you and keep your writing on track

throughout  the 12 week writing window.

Choosing this option gives you the highest level of support and the greatest chances of success because you are supported and challenged to keep your momentum going.

Your book on the shelf in as little as 12 weeks! So call us today and get started on

your publication dream.

Call us on 01684 578754 TODAY



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